Potters for Peace is offering a 7-day ceramic water filter course. The course will be offered in English and will be taught at Adamah Clay Studios, Dodgeville, Wisconsin, USA. 

Ceramic Water Filter Course 2021

  • By the end of the training participants will be able to demonstrate what is involved in high quality ceramic filter production  

    This course is designed to: 

    • Offer technical filter training for researchers and universities
    • Offer training to individuals interested in joining the Potters for Peace filter factory set-up team. 
    • Attract and guide new ceramic filter factory startups
    • Promote collaboration and communication between members of the filter community
    • Improve filter quality on a global scale, thus helping to reduce the global burden of diarrheal disease
  • The following is an abbreviated list of topics to be covered in the course

    • Multi barrier approach and how a filter works
    • How to make a ceramic pot filter
    • Raw material processing
    • Burn out material selection
    • Clay selection
    • Formulating a filter recipe
    • Record keeping
    • Filter forming, finishing and Identifiers
    • Machinery overview
    • Kiln Drying
    • Kiln stacking and firing
    • Quality control
    • Silver application and Microbiological testing


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