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A work in progress

With much of the Team out in the field delivering and setting up Bio-sand filters today, much of the day was spent on small prep tasks that will help bump us forward when the time comes. Carlo and Jun continued working on the kiln under Robert's supervision. They are becoming quite adept at brick laying, something they had never done until about 4 days ago. Robert was also testing the mini-kiln which Steve had designed, brought with him in a suitcase and built over a couple days. Unfortunately, either the electricity to the work-site isn't strong enough or constant enough. In theory, the test kiln should take off like a rocket as it has more than enough power when working properly. We have decided to go with a fiber blanket roof and door for the kiln so Michael and Steve spent part of today finishing up making "buttons" to help hold the fiber to an expanded metal structure. Michael also made some cone packs in anticipation of the firing. Some additional clay and burn out material was milled or sifted. Darrell even got in on the act by cutting out a bunch more bats which will be used in the finishing and drying of the Filters. With the expectation of the Filter Press being delivered either late tomorrow or early Thursday morning, plans are being finalized for various Filter recipes to mix to get our targeted "Flow Rate".

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