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Below are links to PDF documents that will be useful when setting up to produce filters. You can also learn a lot by visiting the informative website of Filtron, a well-established filter factory in Jinotepe, Nicaragua.


  1. Investigation of the Potters for Peace Colloidal Silver Impregnated Ceramic Filter, December 2001: extensive review of filter effectiveness (80 pages)

  2. Best Practice Recommendations for Local Manufacturing of Ceramic Pot Filters for Household Water Treatment, June 2011: extensive review of all aspects of production (186 pages)

  3. Clay Testing Protocols, detailed and illustrated instructions for making clay test bars, firing them, and testing them for plasticity, shrinkage, water absorption and durability (8 pages)

  4. Building the Mani Kiln: detailed and illustrated instructions for building a kiln to fire ceramic water filters (20 pages)

  5. Mani Kiln: airflow, dimensions, firing technique, problem solving, safety (17 pages)

  6. Plans for a Filter Press: This PWB Scissor Press, used in filter making,  was developed by Potters Without Borders (

  7. Video on how to make a Filter Press (youtube)

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