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Below are links to PDF documents that are useful for marketing filters.

Marketing Plans and Advice (English)

  1. An Illustrated Guide to Ceramic Filter Packaging: Following these 10 packaging steps, the factory in China has been able to significantly reduce breakage of ceramic filters during transport.

  2. Ecofiltro Benefits by Philip Wilson: a great example of using video to promote filter use.

  1. Marketing first: Getting ceramic pot filters to the target group: paper discussing the importance of marketing and methods of marketing (22 pages)

  2. Emerging Markets, Emerging Models: market-based solutions to the challenges of global poverty.  Report on how market-based solutions give low-income people better access to socially beneficial products and services that genuinely and directly improve the quality of their lives and livelihoods(144 pages)

  3. Marketing Safe Water Systems: why is it so hard to get safe water to the poor—and so profitable to sell it to the rich? Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SCD) report (120 pages)

  4. Ceramic Water Purifier Promotional Plan from IDE Cambodia: extensive report including recommendations and a promotional plan (40 pages)

  5. USAID Marketing Study: Lessons learned, best practices, successes and challenges of social marketing safe water solution, and how these lessons may be applied to planning safe water treatment programs around the globe (14 pages)

Los planes y consejos de marketing (Español)

  1. Manual para promotores: ilustra la descripción de los problemas causados ​​por la contaminación del agua y funciona como un filtro de agua de cerámica (66 paginas)

Resources (English)

  1. Silver-Enhanced Ceramic Water Filter poster, from Kenya: full colour poster describing and illustrating the filter (1 page)

  2. Manual for Health Trainers and Others involved in the monitoring of the Colloidal Silver Ceramic Water Filter: detailed description of development and use of filters; includes the rotafolio listed in (1) below (74 pages)

Recursos (Español)

  1. Rotafolio que describe las enfermedades producidas por consumo de agua, los parasitos intestinales y como podemos prevenir las entermedades con el filtron (14 paginas)

  2. El Gran Libro de Colorea y Actividades por los niños: illustra los parasitos intestinales, las enfermedades producidas por consumo de agua y como utilizar le filtron (22 paginas)

  3. Manual para Instructores de Salud y Otros Involucrados en el Monitoreo del Filtro de Cerámica con Plata Coloidal para la Puri!cación del Agua: descripción detallada de desarrollo y uso de filtros (52 paginas)

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